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Nice Way To Get The Day Rolling


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Got a big ol bunch yesterday. Started sorting this morning after I got back from a fire. Some of these may put a smile on some folks in Ohio in a few weeks. Crazy insane cat in the pic with 2 mibs. Do not know if the wound beads are old but they appear tp be so?? GO NINERS!!!!





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Looks a great haul for variety

an interesting little group of 13 pictured left front

my kind of marble by the looks few more spilling out of the box might be keen on some of them if there surplus to the collection

Craig C

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We all try to id marbles by size, color, pattern, glass type etc. We often look at opaque bases vs veneered marbles, swirls where the colors lay on the top vs dive down into the marble etc. I think

by cracking a few open, it answers some of those types of questions....hope that helps! Alyce

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To see what the inside looks like on various Marble Kings. Why else? The last one is the newer variety. I could post the pics of the various hammer smashed non-glass types but they seem to upset some folks(LOL)

No, please post the pics. Not upsetting us at all, if you smash *your* marbles!

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