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Pet Peeves (A Special Thanks To Hansel)


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You posted some great marbles elsewhere a little while ago.

Thanks for that, too, but what I'm most grateful for is your opening line:

"Here're my larger ones."

This is great! I can't remember the last time I read or heard someone

make a contraction of this sort properly!

(Everyone can stop reading now, unless you want to hear me bitch and moan.)

Why has 99% of the population started saying "here's" and "there's" when

they's (joke) talking about more than one thing? "They's" wasn't really a joke.

Makes just as much sense, so I'm sure it'll catch on soon!

Here are = Here're

There are = There're

You wouldn't bring some paperwork to your boss and say

"Here is the documents you wanted."

So you can't say "Here's the documents" either. Dammit!

Thanks for listening. I have a few more pet-peeves, but will save them for later. ( :

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Here're two more pet peeves.

I think I can do these pretty quickly

and without being too obnoxious.

Double-doors! Like most businesses have.

When the blank did the entire world start automatically

using the left-hand door to enter or exit a place?

This is, to quote Led Zeppelin, going 'in through the out door'.

It never used to happen. A very strange phenomenon to me.

Last, the pet-peeve that totally makes me go more nuts than

I already am. There's no good reason for my violent reaction

to this, but I just can't help it. (What, me neurotic?)

Modern televisions come in varying degrees of 'wide-screenness'.

But regardless of the relative proportions of any given TV,

more people than not have their sets set up to stretch the

picture to fit the screen. This makes the picture look ridiculous.

Why would anyone want to do this?

Is it really so awful to have a few inches of black space at the sides?

Personally, I literally get nauseous trying to watch a stretched picture.

I think this is similar to the way your brain would make it very clear to

you that something was 'very wrong' if you suddenly started 'seeing double'.

Below is a shot of how a television picture would look if your set was

adjusted to correctly show everything the way it was recorded.

Below that is a shot of how most of you are watching your TV. Good God. :blink:



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I'm with you in the peeve dept. KBob. Yesterday, I heard a NY newscaster say that a car "slided" down the road. Of course, the next thing I heard was my husband saying " Why are you yelling at the tv.. again" ?

Another one that drives me crazy is when people say "The person that........" A person is a "who" not a "that".

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Although I'm not fond of violent acts, I understood and enjoyed the

story (don't know if it's true) of Elvis actually 'killing' his TV at one point. ( :

Like the who/that distinction. Never thought of that one.

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I definitely like the slightly wider way things are filmed these days,

as opposed to the old 4/3 scale.

I can't remember the name of the wide-screen technique Hollywood

did for a while way back when. Personally, I thought it was a little

too much. But at least everything was 'in proportion'.

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Thanks again.

'Cinemascope' sounds right.

It wasn't a 'bad' process.

But it always looked to me like the action at the

edges (if any) was 'forced' and unnecessary.

The more conservative wide-screen of

today does a much better job overall.

As long as people don't 'stretch' it! ( :

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I hate it when fox has nfl football them there guys put the scoreboard up in the left hand corner...its not even in the picture and too small to see...plus 2 or 3 lines of information scrolling underneath...when they put the participants on there and they are introducing themselves like "ima Player ....museum state"....its just filler.....those talkin heads could read the lineup....I think people would enjoy the games ..in stadium sounds...and you tellin youre couch mate...wow.nice run...in stead of joe jock sayin blah blah blah...when I was at penn state...blah,blah ,blah....all the action is there...you could read the score board public address guy and the refs...same as baseball, drives me nutz....

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Amen to that Duffy! My husband told me if we got an HD TV I would be able to see it. (He doesn't watch football, he just wanted HD and was tired of my complaining.) Well, we got it and I STILL can't see it.

And don't get me going on those cartoon robots that dance across the screen during the game. I want my football unadulterared dammit!

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They're putting all this computer-style crap on TV now.

It makes me want to barf.

I couldn't believe it this past holiday season when the

networks expected us to watch 'classic' Christmas movies

with the addition of animated Santas advertising other

shows at the bottom of the screen. Totally sickening.

Thanks for the "dammit", Stacy!

I used that expression recently and wondered if it would make sense.

As you may know, (although you look way too young!) It was used in

the 50's and maybe earlier by proper publications as a 'censor-appropriate'

alternative to spelling it out properly. I'm particularly thinking of old

'New Yorker' magazine cartoons. Including one of my all time favorites,

where a person like you is also yelling at the television.

He's apparently watching a commercial, and the caption is:

"A quart is a quart, dammit! It can't be a 'big jumbo quart'!" :rolleye-842:

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Of course the extreme version is "dammit to hell".

In one of her books, the late Elizabeth Zimmerman, recounted a story of moving in to a new home in middle America the 50's and how her children were making their first tentative steps to meet the neighbor's children. Trying to make conversation (and no doubt impress the others), one of her kids blurted out "my Mom says "dammit to hell" ". Wide-eyed, the neighbor child replied " my Mom says "dammit to hell" too!". Henceforth they were lifetime frineds.

Back then, cussing, even in it's most watered-down form, had some shock value. I can remember when one of my Grandmothers, in a fit of rage, tearfully called my Grandfather a "nincompoop". The room went silent. It was the closest thing to a curse that I had ever heard cross her lips. Although, being a child, I thought the word was hilarious, I could tell from everyone's reaction that this was no time to laugh.

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In common usage, yes. However, "affect" can be both verb and noun. As can "effect".

One can effect change. And then one can experience the effects.

One person's mood can affect another's. And people exhibit affect when they experience emotion.

.... or sumthin' like that

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