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Is This A Lattice Marble?

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well I think I will jump in but not so close but I think it is not a lattice core but what would be a core less with two layers of outer lines if it had a core it would be a 3 stage ? Mike

There are three groups of six red threads deepest in the marble and an outer layer made up of three bands of jelly blue that have a white opaque band on each side. I have a wood lattice outside that holds up my honeysuckle shrub. In the case of the honeysuckle shrub lattice, it is imperative that the lattice be kept strong by nailing the wood together. So, how close does a lattice need to be in regards to a German handmade marble, to be considered a lattice core? Handmade marbles are so intriguing because of how many artisans there were through the years, each with an artistic style.

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