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Bought At A Little Local Auction

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So, there's a little local auction house about 10 minutes from my office. Pretty much estate cleanouts and that sort of stuff. They post images for their upcoming auctions online and I make a habit of once a week just taking a quick look through to see what they have coming up that week. Friday I was just about to leave the office and I figured I'd take another quick look at what they were selling the next day, because I could always stop in on my way home and leave an absentee bid.

I pull up their auction and they had added additional items in the two days since I had last looked. Including a box lot of 4 Christensen Agate boxes and assorted jars of marbles. Wow! You'll rarely find one CAC box out in the wild, but to find 4 in the same lot was unbelievable. So, I drove over real quick and left a bid. And won!! Here's an image of one of the 4 boxes. They are all the same.


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