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The Show Off Your Jabos & D M's And No One Say Anything Negative Thread!

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Last Dance ... I have these labeled Foxtrot ... but they're right next to the compartment which says Bull (for Colonel Bull Simons) and I am not sure I see the difference.  

These are the kind which look quite dark in hand but then with the right light .... 



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I have some Peltier Mansions .... not many though.  Need to pull those out.


Next up, learn to take pictures of lutz.  

Last Dance, I think these are Golden Foxtrots. 



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I had this one on ebay and it didn't sell and I am soooooo happy.  I kept looking at the picture and hoping it wouldn't sell but I wasn't willing to yank the auction.  I had just pulled it randomly out of my keeper box to have something to list, and now it's going back home.  Prittty. :) 


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Soooo, some may not know, but the Last Dance name came from the name for the celebration of life of a Special Forces member who had passed away. (I don't know if many Special Forces members had such a celebration, or if it was just one particular veteran.)  So while many of the Last Dance style names are actual dances, some have a military connection, including the name of the run itself.


This style name is Special Forces.



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Okay I stayed away too long.  Time to play. Square box different sizes are 89s Large 35count mixed are all the 88 runs.  Other 35 count are Tom Reeds run Square box 16 are Elites. !0 count Jokers and the 50 count are Joker 2 Encores


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Reasons #223 and 224 not to sort Last Dances in low light.  

Wonder how many of these I have let escape.  Electric blue ribbons.  







plus a teeny weeny little itty bitty bit of lutz

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I guess I'm still dancing.  

Sunshine on my last dances makes me happy ...
Sunshine on my last dances can make me cry ...
Sunshine on my last dances looks so lovely ..... 
If I had a last dance that I could give to you ....   ♫


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