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Rare Peerless Patches

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Yah, he is right on Akro

I have a rather large pile of these and get them from different groups so I assume fairly common.

Blue on black...hehe, I thought were Jabos. I had 2 and tossed them in a crap jar I donated :P Oh well...glad I am not a pelt fan

I may have some of the bottom one's in Akro jars. I noticed most had clear red windows and every so often I would get red,dull glass on yellow, I will check.

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I have these as well and was told IT was pelt as well

HOWEVER, none of my peerless have the clear window so I am skeptical.

I also saw some hubaloo about an Alley agate patch and these colors were mentioned and I am still not sure if that is fantasy or not :)

I need to pull out and picture my patches. I have 4 quart jars filled with MOSTLY Akros but some leave me in question.

Damn these companies and their desire to look like the other...

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Dani's looks totally Pelt to me. From the texture of the base I'd guess it was mid-to-late 30's instead of the earlier years I associate with the more easily recognizable PPP's.

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