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A Mixed Bag


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Found in an old tin with an old stamp (i know the stamp means nothing but thought it shows nice) And again find that German cat's between old marbles (that also means nothing,i know).

Nothing special but i think whats kind of interesting,it shows that we got our marbles from all over the world,they come from Germany-Japan-America and even maybe from South America.


Maybe South America??


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Fun group there.

I might have guessed Japanese on that last one. Well actually, I probably would have guessed American. But then for my second guess maybe Japanese. But now I want to know more about marbles from South America, don't you?

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(Should we tell Winnie that in today's money this old uncancelled stamp is worth 4.7 gazillion dollars?

She's very nice, and I'd hate to see sudden wealth change her! :P )

Other than the strong Mexican presence, I don't know anything about marbles that U.S. people would

consider 'South of the Border'. Info about Central and South American marbles would be interesting. ( :

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