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I Got A Camera!


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Ohhhh nooooo!

Steph, you just declared yourself a 'Canon Person'!

Although I will always love you like a Montague does a Capulet,

you're going to have to do some work winning back the

'hearts and minds' of some of us Nikon people here. :rolleye-842:

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Now I has a sad. Like I failed a vital test. :character-smileys-238:

I just picked a name I recognized at a price I could afford. Don't remember seeing a Nikon. Did see a Sony.

It was pretty close to a whim purchase.

Would have been entirely a whim if the clerk had responded to the customer service call on Friday afternoon when I was wandering around after scheduling an eye exam. It was just slightly less of a whim because I had a night to think it over and talk to the hubby and do a quick online search for reviews before I went back to the optician the next morning.

I was pretty sure I missed out on some of the best cameras because the camera display case was close to empty.

But I figured I couldn't go wrong with a Canon.

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You're okay in my book too!

At this point I figure whatever camera comes

closest to 'fitting you like a glove' is the right one.

And I have to admit that some of us Nikon 1 fans have

been griping about how some of their 'algorithms', or whatever

the right word is, could be improved.

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Hubby got tired of me complaining about my lousy < almost nothing pixels camera so he (on a whim) went to Best Buy to buy printer ink and came back with a Nikon Cool Pix P530. I know nothing about cameras, but have just started to get the hang of this one..much nicer than my old one. Still doesn't shoot killer close ups of mibs, but I'm told I need a special macro lens for that. This is just fine for this super novice. He, unfortunately gets to carry it, as it does not fit in my travelin' purse!!

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Okay, I know some of you just aren't 'tripod people'.

But hear me out on this one and I'll make it quick.

Check this guy out!


This is a 'mini' or 'table' tripod. Only about six or seven inches tall.

And only about six or seven dollars at a store near you!

Really makes life easier when shooting marbles.

And just in case anyone's interested in full-size tripods, I'll really recommend

you find one with a center column that can be inserted upside-down.

Gives you a lot more close-up possibilities. ( :


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