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O M G O M G O M G ... On My Porch This Morning


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In this mail this morning. With an unsigned postcard of a skeleton in a Carmen Miranda outfit. And a return address whose name I don't recognize -- well, I do recognize it -- it's the name of a female mathematician born in the 1800's.

The postcard said "Happy marbles!" on the back, and I'm very very very happy marbles right now. But ??????????????




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I like that red and white translucent base Peltier, by the blue base pearlescent patch, and.....

Meeee tooooo.

That's a Bloody Mary, right?

The pearlescent patch base looks blue in the photo but didn't seem blue in hand. Somewhere between white and gray in hand.

And I think there's a Bruiser.

... and what is a Pelt with white and red and black aventurine called?

That little sparkler is minty.

And and and and ......

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My thank you note was returned to sender.

I knew the name wouldn't be recognized by the post office but I keep getting mail for people who don't live here so I hoped this mail would still get through even with the pseudonym.

Oh well .... hope whoever it was realizes how grateful and delighted I was/am/would be.

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