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Akro Or Jabo??


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I don't know if this makes any difference with the diagnosis here.

But I applied some incredibly high-tech multiple graphic card forensic technology

normally only available to high-ranking law enforcement agencies to this photo.

(Okay, okay! I just brightened the heck out of it.)

Didn't see the brown in the black before.

Since the original photo looks properly exposed, I'm curious to ask Winnie

if that brown (and some blue too) is obvious with the marble in hand.


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Yes Bob there is a brown stripe in the black,forgot to mention it,do you think it says something about the maker?

I'm at a point now that i believe it's a Jabo.I see some brown striping in the Jabo's Galen posted.

And yes,you saw it good,the blue is reflection from the window light.

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To be honest, I was hoping it might suggest something about the maker to someone who knows more than I do.

I'm no good with IDs. I tend to concentrate on certain characteristics that give me a 'feeling' and wind up ignoring other

things that seem completely obvious to people who are experienced.

Even with these shortcomings, it still seems pretty clear to me that none of Galen's marbles are especially 'similar' to yours.

Although he's way more educated than I am, and may be seeing things that I'm not.

All I've really concluded so far is that black and yellow marbles can be tricky!

Maybe this is because there are so many due to the popularity of this particular color combination.

Adding to this confusion (at least mine!) is that there are a lot of Vacors out there which have a wide variety of brown quantity

included in their black/yellow marbles. ( :


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You are right about Galens picture no one really corks (is that a word,well you know what i mean).

My marble looks exactly like an odd corkscrew.

Your right marble in the picture looks like a miror,nice picture!!One thing I know for sure my marble is not Vacor LOL.

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Also a thanks to Winnie for the nice photo comment. (Another blue reflection!)

I have many arguments with myself about that subject. Unlike your almost unnoticeable

window reflection, the ones in my outdoor shots are pretty significant. This certainly detracts

from the photo for people who are mostly interested in 'identification'. On the other hand,

this is what a marble looks like if you're outdoors. And that can be a nice thing.

It sometimes makes me crazy wondering what the best way to do it might be.

P.S. I really did like those last two responses. Of course I already knew that when these

two guys give an opinion without hesitation it's almost certainly correct. But I appreciated

that the JABO expert from Nantucket was so specific, and laughed that Galen somehow

knew that I still had Akro 'on the brain' and gave a high-tech reason to change my mind.

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