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I Finally Have A Brick


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Looks nice!

And, as always, my personal tendency is to feel more attachment to

less-than-perfect marbles which can be handled in a relaxed manner.

The 100% perfect marbles make me nervous.

A marble that got 'swatted' across the floor by a cat has a 'memory'. ( :

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I only let myself have three bricks, knowing I could all-too-easily get trapped into buying way too many -- a solid one, one with white, and one with black. Unfortunately, I don't live in the green brick universe.

I keep all three of them in my hand-gathered box, but as a category in themselves -- not with my MFCs or my Akros.

'Cause I don't know which they are, although I suspect MFC.

But I've never seen in person the only for-sure-MFC bricks I know of, which are Michael Cahill's (the photos in Cahill's book are not great). Oh -- and those moss agate bricks. Nobody else made those.

And I know that Akro had seven of MFC's formulas for bricks -- they're in Henry Hellmers' batch book as opaque carnelians and are attributed to Horace C. Hill.

So any distinguishing features might have to be the gather pattern or the cut-off area? As opposed to the glass?


Does anybody have a working theory?

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Here is a an Akro agate brick 11/16" that I got from Marble Alan four years ago. It has white swirls on a very dark "oxblood" base, with a shallow crease serving as the cut line.

post-3052-0-33097300-1434840017_thumb.jp post-3052-0-43947500-1434840031_thumb.jp
post-3052-0-97280800-1434840042_thumb.jp post-3052-0-43988800-1434840076_thumb.jp
These were Alan's pictures. I do miss him.
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I got one today!

My first as well - You were my inspiration Steph ^_^

I also (intentionally) bought my first Oxblood today. I'll see if there is another thread I can post that one in.

Cool brick!!

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