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Yesterday's Marble Mail


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My good friend M went to the WV show this year and did some shopping. She agreed to pick up any interesting Masters and snakes. This is part one of what she picked up. I'd say, very good taste, and I am quite happy with them all. The robust hybrid snake glows and is a near shooter, as is the Master in this first set of pictures. John








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Ack! :blink:

The eyelashes, the subtle bubbles and the striations in that clear glass in that first Snake!

Steph is right, I'm short of breath.

Dang, I need to go to a show, I really really really need to go to a show.

That thin orange snake is gorgeous too, Congrats!

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There also is no such thing as an Akro corkscrew.


That term, along with others that have come into use (snake and auger, for example) do save an awful lot of descriptive wordiness when we want to talk about them . . . .

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