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Akro Or Ca Yellow Slag ?


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I vote Akro too. Maybe handgathered?

Ummm . . . I hate to disagree with Galen -- really -- but I might argue that CAC did have Vaseline slags. Pretty sure I have a couple. I also have one of the transparent vivid yellow ones that aren't fluorescent. And it's definitely a yellow nobody else had. But for form's sake I will double check my CAC slags tonight, just to make sure. They could be just fluorescent, without being Vaseline . . .

And he's right about MFC. They didn't have Vaseline glass.

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Oh heck, you mean we can't argue about it? Shucks. :lol:

Turns out I only have one Vaseline slag, a two-seamed one like Galen described. The other one I thought I was remembering is not Vaseline, but a light, bright lime green that glows like heck.

I only have one of the non-glowing "electric" yellow slags, but I did turn up a darker-but-still-yellow one where the white, not the base glass, glows pale orange. That was a surprise.

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