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Mystery Photo


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I think I need to narrow things down a bit if I'm going to be fair about this.

This is something you might see in your house, but hopefully you never will.

It looks almost exactly like it does here. I just increased the contrast a little bit.

You're looking at it from about one foot away, and looking straight down.

It's not a normal situation, and it isn't pretty, in the same way a murder scene isn't.

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Sorry, everyone!

I lost track of this topic temporarily.

This is genuine 'raw sewage' on the floor of a shower. (From a septic tank back-up.)

Not in its original wet and messy form, but after the 'water' has all drained off.

The patterns that are left by the solids in many different 'solutions' which have been

allowed to drain are actually much more interesting than most people would imagine.

One time long ago I turned on the water in a bathtub. When I returned to see if it was

full, I had a tub full of very rusty, very brown, water. I pulled the drain plug and went to bed.

The next morning was one of the most 'mind-blowing' experiences I've ever had.

The bottom of my tub was a panoramic mural! There were very detailed 'images' of many

quite realistic looking things. Including Don Quixote and the windmills.

Until the day I die I'm going to painfully regret not having a camera with me at the time. :eusa_doh:

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I'm a little confused.

(Ha! Many TMC people are now saying "So what else is new?")

Are you suggesting that you'd like similar abstract photos based on 'natural design'?

Or were you suddenly disgusted and want me to shut up and go back to pictures of pretty things?

Which I kind of think this is, in terms of the final image if you skip the 'background story'. :)

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I posted this as a "guess the mystery picture" on another forum.

I've already posted it here as what it really is. So I assume this will be easy to guess from scratch or from memory. But here goes. Let me have it.


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Once again, one foot away and straight down.

Please don't hesitate with any of these 'mysteries' to stray from the 'challenge'

aspect for a second or two and say that the photographs are stunning. ( :

The hint is 'Chinese food'.


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It probably would, so I think you won this one. ( :

And it is hot chili oil. It leaked from one of those little plastic cups, like it always does.

It's on top of a thick piece of architectural glass I use as a cutting board,

which in turn is on top of my fake wood grain formica counter.

A dim light way off to one side was the only lighting. This angle and the thick glass

allowed for the dark 'edge effects', although you couldn't really see this well. A six

second exposure effectively 'lit' everything up, and made the bright-looking scene

possible without using a flash, which wouldn't have worked well with the glass.

Maybe this would be a good time to shut up. :lol:

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I also wanted to mention that I enjoyed and respected Hoody's use of sh** here.

This was clearly the work of a sophisticated multi-lingual 'gentleman', as we know he is.

The "S" word! It's one of the words you just don't say or write 'out loud' in U.S. English

if you want people to recognize that you're of good breeding and manners.

No particularly good reason for this. Just the way it is.

But I was thinking that the German word was similar, so I had to took it up.

Just like some of the Yiddish words we've talked about, it looks like the German

word in some forms is spelled with the sch..., and other times with just the sh....

I don't know why this is.

What was especially interesting was that the word seems to be much less impolite

in German. It sounds like it's acceptable for children to say it in many situations.

In the U.S. there are many people who would spank a child silly for saying this word.

Even though this is very 'politically incorrect' to do now.

I'm very tired right now. Not even sure what I'm talking about any more.

So I'm going to stop. Wishing everyone a great weekend! ( :

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Oh, I see. Thank you for the informations, kbobam. You are perfectly right about the different usage of the german word. For some reason it is more socially accepted to use this word on my side of the atlantic ocean. I will try to respect it.

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You bet! But of course you already instinctively knew this on some level, which is why you're a high-class guy.

We currently have three words which are impolite to the point where we have 'names' for them which follow the same format.

There are traditionally "The F Word", and "The S Word", which we've decided are offensive, even though there's not much reason

for this. In more recent times "The N Word" has been added to this list. This is the 'race-based' word which has often been used in

an unjustified hateful and hurtful manner, so it certainly belongs there. These are the ways we refer to these words in 'spoken'

conversation. Your use of the ** was another 'good manners' way to use this type of word in 'written' conversation. ( :

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