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My preciousessss from Canton show


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:D Came home from Canton with 5 new marbleous mibs! And I finally got around to getting pics of them.

So Canton was my 2nd marble show, with Indy being my 1st last month... do y'all remember that blue & yellow Popeye I got at Indy? With the yellow being completely inside the marble and never actually breaking the surface -- this one here...

Indy Show blue/yellow Popeye: 



Well at Canton, I was amazed and delighted to find ANOTHER Popeye just like that!!! Dark blue, with completely sub-surface yellow! :lol:

Canton Show blue/yellow Popeye:



Super cool! It's now my personal quest to find one of these at every show I attend! B) It'd be neat to have a mini-collection of these blue & sub-surface yellow Popeyes, each one representing a show I went to. :) 

Anyone know if these Popeyes are particularly hard to come by??? 🤔 Now that I have this plan to get one at every show... I feel like I'm sure I'll just never find another one again! LOL!

Few side by sides of the matching Popeye pair (Indy left, Canton right) ~






Next up... this awesome Champion furnace swirl :wub: 

Ooo man so many shades of yellow, it's hard to see where the shades are different when it's this bright... it's like a hidden pattern!



The 'hidden pattern' definitely becomes more obvious when it's not so bright...!!! But then I feel like it's too dark! 🤣 Hard for me to capture the accurate colors on this beautiful mib...



Three more mibs left... all CACs. :wub::wub::wub:

Got this one as a nice minty upgrade for one I already had ~



Old one on left, minty upgrade on right: 







And these last two I got from Galen!!! :lol:Oh my, it was soooooo drool city seeing his mibs in person... I've already drooled over so many pics of his collection here on the forum -- I was just in absolute heaven seeing them right in front of me!!!

Not to mention, take a couple of them home with me! 😄





And here's a group shot of my whole CAC family ~



Loved meeting so many awesome people at the Canton Show!!! I had a great time, and came home with some super sweet mibs! ❤ And spent every dime I brought with me, LOL! ...literally had to dig out 4 quarters from my purse to go with the last of the bills for the last marble I bought! 😂


(And I've learned after taking these pics... that I'll never use these marble stands again when doing collages, haha!)

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