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German Striped Opaque 2 - seam - part 1


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The only German machine made company I have heard a hint about is H.E. Hopf.  They were talked about in one of the marble books.  This is the same company that netted some Veiliglas marbles for sale.  They caused the confusion about Veiliglas being made in Germany as that is what is written on those mesh bags. I have one of these bags in my collection. They made various clay marbles and supposedly one of the Alley machines made its way to Germany under its ownership.  Definitely want to try to learn more about this company to figure out what they made in terms of glass marbles.

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There is a " chance " of them being made in Lauscha on a copy of an American machine,  dont know if its the same machine 


Translated version

Machine-made marbles

Towards the end of the 19th century, the Americans began to develop machines for the mechanical production of marbles. When the marble production in Germany was interrupted during the First World War and the machines of the Americans were further matured, the end of the hand-made, German glass marbles was sealed. America was now the leader in marble production. Companies such as the "Akro Agate Company" or the "Peltier Glass Company" supplied the American market. In Lauscha one had copied one of the American machines and had to pay high penalty for it.



also on the same site they show machine made marbles under the heading Neue Murmeln or translated new marbles i believe this would refer to machine mades being modern and handmades being old

 the German made wire pulls will be in the mesh bags and Veiligglas are a different type 




The bag is one Buckeye posted a while back

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Those are Veiliglas in the mesh bags.  Those are the very ones bagged by H.E. Hopf I mentioned that caused the confusion


Note: I was remembering wrong about the company/jobber who packaged these.  Not H.E. Hopf but Shackman.

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misinformation by me
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I didn't really pay attention to this type of marble until a month ago.  MarbleAlan's site has some pretty great info I obviously basically skipped including advertisements possibly showing machine mades.  It looked to me like it may have been G. Kuhnhert who made them instead of Seppenhutte.  I need to read and look it over some more.  

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On 7/24/2018 at 4:44 PM, westcoast_dave said:

I've always found so many transparents and almost no opaques over the years.  

(to our overseas friends) How much harder to find are the Striped Opaques Vs. Transparents for you?  

I've yet to find a striped opaque in the UK, have found a few striped transparents,

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I managed to find only one for sale since your post Dave the 2 blue one`s maybe especially the one on the left i would say most likely is 



The transparent types are easy to buy this was just one lot i saw many in groups 



And this great site has them not sure how many he sells but at 2.50 each i would imagine they sell



I have also never got one in an Aussie lot unfortunately 




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