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Removing rust from marbles

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You're right, the glass itself doesn't rust but when the glass is in contact with water (moisture) and metal, a film of rust oxidation shows up on the marbles.  Probably from being stored in tin coffee cans or being next to steelies.   Still curious if anyone else has given it a try.  It works like a charm. 

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Its a large green one, Pedigree Empire brand it says.  I should of tested other erasers, and I already cleaned up every rusty marble I had with it.  I have an old lot of marble mail coming today, hopefully I get a rusty one to experiment on and show photos of.  I'll post back later.  

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Thanks for giving it a whirl godown.  Glad it worked for you.   Now I don't feel like the only crazy guy erasing rust on marbles lol.   

I used a couple different erasers and found out not all erasers work on the rust.   1 pink eraser did nothing, another pink eraser did very little but my trusty large green eraser still works like magic.  I did run into one marble that had some really stubborn rust and it took about 10 times the time to remove it than most other marbles.   

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