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Planning a marble hunting trip.

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Hello everyone.

My girlfriend and I are planning a bike trip. We want to go to the marble museum and ride the rail trail to a "haunted" tunnel near Cairo. I want to ride around St. Mary's, Cairo, and Pennboro.

We will be on our bikes but I thought kicking around a couple marble sites to find some marbles would be fun. We usually collect rocks and I thought some glass ( cullet?) or imperfect marbles would be fun to pick up as well.

I know marbles are made of glass....there I told you everything I know about marbles. As you can tell from that statement this is a bike trip with marbles just for fun. I could bring a hand trowel in my bike bag but that's as hard core as I want to get. On a bike there is not much room to store a lot of treasure either. 

Any tips, spots,  ideas would be great.

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Hello.  Welcome.  

Don't know if there are any company sites left to dig at, with or without permission.  

Ron has done a LOT of digging  over the years.  If there's anything left, he would know.   @wvrons

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