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Sam McCarthy-Fox


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British marble player and historian.   Helped me with some of my work.   

From British and World Marbles Championship - Posts | Facebook:


We are very sad to announce that Sam McCarthy-Fox died on July 7th. Sam was 76 and had been suffering from heart failure.
In 1978 there was an attempt to relocate the annual marbles tournament from its home at The Greyhound to Crawley Leisure Centre. As a great lover of the preservation of traditions Sam was not happy at this, and, after speaking to a few like minded players, he persuaded them to play at Tinsley Green anyway, and a new era began.
Over the last 40 years the British and World Marbles Championship has gone from strength to strength with Sam at the heart of it, and he was enormously proud of that. He was especially proud of how we were always able to include anyone in a team if they wanted to play on Good Friday, and how we managed to maintain what was of utmost importance to him, the importance of tradition over competition, while running a world renowned event. Our players vary from complete novices to those with decades of experience, and Sam's philosophy was always to make them all welcome and allow them all to play. One of the other things he particularly loved was the way in which the German teams have become an integral part of each Good Friday at Tinsley Green, and how players who have moved away continue to return each year to be part of our living tradition.
As well as running this tournament Sam was passionate about everything to do with marbles. He had a huge collection of over 100,000 of these beautiful glass spheres and he would never turn one away if it needed a good home. One year he even appeared in the Guinness Book of Records sitting in a bathtub full of them!
Sam visited marbles tournaments in several countries over the years and had a vast network of marbles connections worldwide, many of whom became close friends. He also enjoyed visits to marbles factories in America, learning all that there was to know about the manufacture of marbles.
Throughout every year Sam answered numerous queries about marbles in all shapes and forms, giving interviews to radio and television companies and written publications around the world - he has given talks on marbles, run marbles workshops and was happy to discuss them with anyone who would listen. His archive of marbles memorabilia was extensive and he has compiled a comprehensive history of Good Friday tournaments.
Sam was a true ambassador for marbles and our tournament was very lucky to have him for so many years.
Thank you Marble Sam - we will miss you.

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