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10 hours ago, Fire1981 said:

My dog is 10 years old but acts like puppy. Do I have to have that talk with him about growing up and being more responsible? 



My cat won't drink water.  Seriously.  Not from a bowl.  Not from a fountain.  Not from a sink.  The only thing she will drink is condensed goat's milk, and not much of that.   She's making me crazy(er).  

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14 hours ago, Fire1981 said:

Can you really tell the difference between 17 below zero or 24 below ? 

I think I could.  You can feel the temps go down from "uncomfortable breathing" to "painful breathing" to "excruciating breathing".    But I can't swear it.  Pretty sure I've been in -20.    I know from recent experience that things get quite nippy by -9.   Pretty sure I stepped out into -20 once a few years ago, just to say I did it, and back inside I went.   

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On 2/22/2022 at 9:14 AM, Steph said:

My rant is that last week we were told to expect more than 7 inches of snow in these past two days. 


THIS is what we got!   A pathetic glaze of ice!


I guess some would consider that inches ??   image.png.01dec4cb0205fecd9df748753f036e5a.png

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My Great Aunts all sported the Blue Bee Hive. Gotta love my Minnesota blood. They were all ahead of there time. They would go viral today. Christmas was like a visit from outer space. Here’s my rant. I wanted them to go purple and yellow and back the Vikings. Good luck trying to tell a women how to wear their hair. Lesson learned at 6.

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41 minutes ago, Fire1981 said:

Who likes tapioca pudding? It’s wrong. Looks like a bunch of Pop-Eye goldfish eyes floating around in something that doesn’t look right. 

Tapioca pudding was better when I was a child.  Before society said we would die if we consumed uncooked eggs.

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