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Atmosphere ?


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22 hours ago, Fire1981 said:

It’s 1 inch and the surface glass has that kinda orange peel texture on some of it.🔥


The Vacor Atomospheres have been hitting some high prices lately-the last two years or so. 
Expect some copies, I have seen them for sale lately---copies—some very nice ones. If I can buy what I think is a copy for under $25 bucks I will bring it home and compare—I usually lose—not always though😁.
Vacor Atmospheres will usually measure around 25MM—this is important, they were hand-gathered and the size will vary by mm in all cases. The 25 mm specimens were sold in nets at Toys R Us.
Atmospheres also came in 45mm and 50 mm sizes, this is where it becomes tricky because these bigger sizes were a “special order’ and are quite rare and go for big money in today’s world.
Atmospheres are becoming a niche in the world of collectable marbles because of the attempts at mimicking them.

As always, do your research and if you trust the seller—go full on—if not---pull in the purse strings and get some nice corkscrews instead👍.

Fire—I would say 50-50—chance, these marbles are all over the place as far as coverage or content is concerned, they are after all--made by Vacor.

I used to know one when I saw one—not anymore. If it has some "orange peel" texture it might be worth a look at but I am not a glass maker and do not know how easy this"orange peel" is to copy.

Nice marble regardless!

I appreciate all opinions--

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Some Atmospheres are so filled with bubbles that I was fooled into thinking that they were "Lutz" against a gold background until just lately--"live and learn".
The following is just my opinion and belief. 
Vacor “hand-gathered” these Atmosphere marbles and “finished “them on standard sized rollers that they had for production.
They may or may not have followed these marbles with a torch as Brian Graham shows when he is using the “Pelt Miller Machine”-at least the bigger ones may have been. At the very least these were at the top of their production quality and quality control.
The 25mm may have been made using “hot” rollers and would explain some of the folds and imperfections that are included with the 25mm sizes. 
The bigger sized marbles are quite nice in my humble experience.
I appreciate all opinions and hope for some more.

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