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Funny Pet Pics


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Here are my two boys, “Sluggo” in the foreground and “Luigi” in the background.
I had a dream last night that my last cat "Ragnar" climbed out from behind the couch to surprise us all--he was a very good cat and my old boy Luigi still checks the basement “cat-door” for him.


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1 hour ago, Gladys said:



My paternal grandparents had dachshunds, every one was named Smokey Joe. Got to lick grandpa Dotys ice cream bowl every night. Good memories, thanks❤️

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19 minutes ago, Caterpillar said:

Cocker spaniels are fantastic dogs! And Beijing lays on top of the couch like that, too.

The only cocker I knew was as psychotic as her owner, ex #1. Refused to let me get into bed if she was there first. 

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