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A few pelts


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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest browse4antiques

I really am clued out about Peltier marbles. I just noticed that the more common color combinations of the opaque later rainbos are similar to the color combinations of the NLR tri-color opaques (rebel, K&M, xmas tree, liberty). You Peltier experts have probably known this all along. I'm gradually catching up. ... Roger


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  • 3 months later...

i finally had a little extra time to snap some pictures out of my keeper box

(translation: i have a ton of crap to do, and i'm procrastinating :P )

hopefully i can pay some of you back for all the times you made me drool and cry!

:lol: :lol: :lol:



















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hey bj, my black, yellow & white is some kind of clear rainbo style, i think. is yours really black white and green? wow. got any pictures? is it for sale or trade? :P

this one i have is kinda raggedy looking - the ribbons, i mean. it is kind of hard to catch the pelt features in it. almost looks like a cats-eye.

lol @ charles :) actually, #4 has agoraphobia, but i know where it's twin is ;)


kris, i love that shooter in your last picture, and that sunset just to the left of it. very cool!!

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sorry for hijackin the Rainbo thread,,,

Tank,, here it is, it has a very small as made dink on it and looking at it you'de swear it has an internal fracture but its actually a line of bubbles between the colors, it looks like sulphides do when they have that silver surrounding figure,, i always wondereed and waited til someone posted anything like it, Im lucky i found it, it was tucked away with the multcolor swirls and i forgot where i put them,,lololol,,,,,enjoy,,, bj

no aventurine in it, it has the classic pearless patch look but is clear and with green

edit: it was to dark so i lightened it up


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Bj, thats a great looking Pelt! Looks like 3 color clear NLR. Super!


Thanks Sami,,,

My friend guy ,GRHS,was trying to put a set of rare clear NLR's together, I guess they are pretty rare to find, he had a superman a galaxie(i think) and a few others, i didnt get a chance to show him this one, looking at it you would think its a Multi color swirl but if you look closely you,i think, can see its actually a clear christmas tree, i think, what do you say?, its very cool in hand ,,,bj


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wow, BJ, that marble is AWESOME!

steve, now who's holding out? what's that purple & green looking one right next to your red and green (toward the top, middle-ish of the picture)?

windy, looks like you have a super-duper htf purple on caramel in the upper right of your first picture. i have one that is all purple with red ribbons - no caramel showing. it's in the pics i posted above. have you ever backlit it?

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