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A couple more threads to look at:







Most of these pix are from auctions. I try to keep track of sellers and other sources now, but when I started this thread I didn't have all the names stored, so I may still be missing some IDs.

From past Rinesmarbles auctions, these are Alleys dug at Pennsboro, placing their date of origin around 1934-1937.









Misshapen ones, showing a couple of interesting color combos:



I'm fairly sure these were also said to have been dug at Pennsboro:


Note: There are other pix in the links here, Compilation: Original Packaging.

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(click to enlarge)


Block's auction description:

OTHER MACHINE MADE. Alley Agate. Lot of eleven marbles. One of the extremely rare sets of the seven peewees. Includes variety of types of yellow and white, blue and white, orange and white, light purple and white, light purple and white with metallic, light purple and white with gold stripe. This is a very rare set. These originally popped up about eight or ten years ago as part of storage find. The seller could make very few sets of these up from the marbles he found. This is one of the last ones that he had available. 3/8". Mint (9.9).

P.s., most of the marbles in the Mosaic box here are peewees too.

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Was looking through my Alley folder and decided that some of these were different enough to add. (Sometimes they start running together and I can't tell whether they're different enough to be interesting or not. smile.gif) These are more from Rinesmarbles auctions.



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Thanks Steph, and you are welcome. The Carnival is a bit on the rare side, I think it is another one that had in the past been thought to be CAC. I know Bill has posted some a while back although I am not sure he put a name to them at the time. =}

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