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Some auction pix from the files. Sorry, wasn't keeping track of the sources yet when I saved most of these first ones.

Note 1: the "click to enlarge" option isn't working right since the last forum upgrade. I need to edit this.

Note2: There are many other pix in the links here, Compilation: Original Packaging and Links: Peltier

1992 bag:


2002 bag:


This bag says, "Elect Cinamon Commisioner".


(click to enlarge)

What might the ages on these be? Some are Marble King?


(click to enlarge)



Vintage comics, in reproduction box:


(click to enlarge)

Another reproduction box:


And a couple more reproduction boxes. I think the marbles are Marble King.


And I think these would be originals:



(click to enlarge)



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Way too cool to miss. A printer's block. Here's the auction description:

This is the old advertising stamp that was used in papers for the National Marble line that Peltier glass made. It is in excellent condition. The brown that you see on the stamp is not rust it is just the color in that area of the stamp. Around the Indian Head on the stamp it says National Marbles and around the bottom but covered you can see where it would have said on the original box of marbles The Peltier Glass Co. You can only see part of this on the stamp. Happy Bidding!!

(click to enlarge)


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This went for $330 at auction in March. The seller described it as a "Fancy Jobber Box". (Who was the seller? Is the blue background Lloyd's trademark?)


No. 5, National Onyx marbles:


(that last view shows two dividers from inside the box)

Chinko-Checko-Marblo box:


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Some more Pelts. Note: This Marble King label is from before the Marble King company was founded.

Sunshine Rippled Wheat premium:


Worcester Salt:


(click to enlarge)

And these playing it safe, with no marble company name, just "Glass Marbles":

Morton's Salt:


(click to enlarge)

And then some more "Glass Marbles", in a Champion Jr. bag, but still not branded Peltier:


One more Morton Salt bag. Is it missing marbles, or were some bags packed lighter?


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31/32" Patches:


Here's the seller's description:

Up for auction is this poly bag of marbles from The Peltier Glass Co. Ottawa, Ill. Back of bag has made in United States of America. Front has Peltier Glass Marbles. Picture in the top right of the bag reads Marble Games Cat's Eye. Left upper part of the bag has Image of table says The Peltier Glass Co. Ottawa, Ill. Decorations Sparklets. Bottom right shows a boy on his knees shooting marbles. It reads Shooters all colors.. Bottom left corner reads The Peltier Glass Co. Ottawa, Ill. There are 5 assorted shooters inside measuring 31/32". 3 are 4 color patches, 2 are 3 color patches.

Were these marbles actually made by Peltier?

I wouldn't have guessed Pelt if I saw them loose. Also, some of the similar bags in the first post look like they may contain 4-vaned cat's eyes.

Update: I'm pretty sure they are Marble King marbles. Al and Ron explain the situation in a thread at LOM, Couldn't resist this one.

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Bloodies boxes.

This one may have come from a Bob Block auction (before 2006).


Oh darn. I had a photo of another box. The bloodies there had a different look. More tranluscent, maybe nearly transparent. And I think the ribbons looked different too. Well, if I find it ... I'll add it here.

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This scan shows a pelt box labeled "National Marbles" (preprinted) with "Specials" stamped in the middle.

What year might this box have come from? Are these "tweeners"?


Source: p. 137 of American Machine-Made Marbles

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Big Value Boxes. "Approximately 100 Marbles"

The first set came from Norm Brown's collection, auctioned at Bonham's.


(click to enlarge)

I don't know the source of this box, other than that it came from an eBay auction.


Maybe more later. I don't know how many more I have on my harddrive. I think it's interesting how the font varied on these boxes, but I guess it's not interesting enough to post picture after picture of the slight variations. lol

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Peltier Citrus Set

This is an often shared photo, most recently in my memory posted by Galen. Whose is it? Someone named Steve? Any help with the documentation will be appreciated. Thanks. [update: Al has it attributed to Peawee (Steve Cogdill) from Feb. 2007.]

Note: there is also a photo in circulation which gives the specific names of at least most of these. They're in the citrus family but aren't all called plain citrus.



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Pearlized Patches

I couldn't easily find any pearlized patches to show someone, so I hunted and finally found this classic from Patry. Here's her description with the photo.

These are among my favorites of patched marbles.

The green patches, look like thick, green, frosted, finger nail polish.

Most of these, that I have seen have annealing fractures in the patch and typical Peltier bubbles.


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Berry Pink or Peltier should both be okay. No reason to think either is a repro.

Pink had a Peltier connection. I don't know if he was a part owner or if he was just a very close associate. But I'm pretty sure that's not the only example where they had same or similar boxes, with the Peltier name on some and Berry Pink on others. I'll try to rustle up the other example I have in mind.

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Here are some boxes. None mine. The Berry Pink ones were Joeager's and now I think they belong to another board member.

The first is Peltier. The others as noted are Berry Pink. Not identical (obviously ;-) but they all say "Champion Marbles" and have the same boy in the illustration. No reason to think there was any foul play. Berry Pink had some sort of interest in the Peltier company as early as the 30's.



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