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Bloodie, Red Jenny Or Slag?


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I don't know.

They're discussed starting in Post #23 here, CAC, "Worlds Best Bloodies"?, Need others input.

If you have Grist's Big Book, 3rd ed., look at p. 78, Plate 169. That's where I've read you can see a picture. I don't have the 3rd edition, so I don't know what you'll see!

This box is from the Marquee auction. The description said these were like the ones on p. 78 of Grist.

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They look identical to the ones Kokoken is showing on that very same post, #23. Even goes on to mention the box is a "bloodies" box filled with red "jennies". Mike implicitly calls the ones he listed "jennies" as well in his auction. So, yes.


This box and Ken's didn't look identical to me. But if you see a match, that means something.

As to Mike's implicit id, for him to say he sees a match to a picture in a book means next to nothing to me. My impression from some of his auctions is that he sometimes implies things which might not be accurate.

Then if anyone came back later and said they'd learned the marbles weren't Jennies, he could say he never explicitly said they were, and wash his hands of it.

(That's my impression from some of his other auction listings.)

So, without backup from credible sources, all I had was a hesitant match between this box and Ken's.

Hence my questions.

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Guest browse4antiques

Steph, There is an inherent confusion in the terminology used here. The term "bloodie" has traditionally been used to describe CA marbles that have a transparent brown and red on a white base. I believe I've seen it described that way in several books. But often a CA box, like the one in the pics you posted, will turn up labelled "bloodies", but with a sort of red-base swirl instead. So perhaps that is what CA meant by "bloodie", and collectors have gotten off on the wrong foot in their use of that name. I had not ever heard of the term "Jenny" before, but it does make sense to have a special name for these CA red swirls, because they look quite differeent than any other CA slag marble - and I think technically they are slags. The marbles shown in Ken's box seem to be exactly the same as the ones shown in the box in Grist's book. But the marbles shown in your pic seem to me to be different. The ones you have shown seem to have soft edges where the white submerges into the red base, whereas the others seem to lie more on top as one sees in striped transparents. To be honest, if there was not a CAC box with them, it would not take much to convice me that they are some kind of newer Mexican marble. I hope this doesn't offend any one, I'm just describing what I see, and of course it could just be a difference due to lighting - or my imagination. ... Roger

edit: Here's a link to the type of new marble that I mean auction link

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