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A Few 5/8 And 1 Inch Corks


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This box was made by Claude Blunk of Oklahoma. I took the easy way out and did a pic of the whole box rather than individual marbles. These marbles are 5/8 to 11/16.

The marbles below are all 1 inch or nearly so.


The marble that looks orange and black is really red and black. I had to add light and it faded the color


The marble in the upper right hand corner lights up like crazy.



The top left hand corner is called a clown. It's really an akro patch. The red/blue special is one of my favorites


The bottom left hand corner is green, yellow, wispy white, and clear. It corks like a "C" Bo swears it's a 1 inch popeye and he wants to sell it for me. LOL I won't part with it. Once a marble makes its way into one of my collector boxes, I'm stingy. It's mine.


On the second row, the blue cork is on a light pink base. I've neve seen that color before this marble. There are several oxbloods in this batch.


The orangy one is especially pretty to me and the red/green on a white base is another favorite


The top row in the middle is a pretty orange/blue. I washed out the color adding too much light. Got to get a better lighting set up for marble piccs. The bottom right lights up

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Very, very nice marbles. After seeing these gorgeous marbles I started looking at mine and you know what, I do have some as nice as yours, but those deep blue and red ones knock my socks off. Thanks for showing them. Top row, frist marble from the left, 2nd row, 2nd marble from the right. ----Leroy----

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