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Here are a couple of Dazzlers boxes. Only the Giant Dazzlers appear to be labelled as Codeg brand. Both boxes are from Block auctions.

post-279-1187282461_thumb.jpg post-279-1187282467_thumb.jpg

post-279-1187282640_thumb.jpg post-279-1187282647_thumb.jpg

Auction description for the giant dazzlers:

Original package. Rare English marble package. Cardboard sleeve. "6 Giant Dazzlers" "Monster Size Coloured Glass Marbles". Codeg brand. Contains six 15/16" Wire Pulls. Circa 1950s. Rare. 5-3/4" long.

A solitaire game, from another eBay auction. Don't know whose. And I don't know what it said about where the marbles were made.


And there are bunches and bunches of Codeg examples here with a lot of discussion: Made In England?

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