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Blue Ray...no Way....????


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WOW!!! What an awesome lookin' thing that is..... Whatever it is!!! LOL

Jay, I'm not the best person to explain.... I expect Rick is wondering if it's what they say it is??

Would a Blue Ray be considered an "exotic??" If so... There's a lot of controversy about the authenticity of them in the first place... They have been commonly known to sell into 4 digits...

Because that's WAYYYY outta line for me, I really haven't taken the time to study up on 'em much..... The discussions were often heated, so I've just kind've avoided the topic.

I'm treading in real deep water trying to make some sense out of it for you, while, at the same time, asking some questions of my own......

Due to the value, several glass artists have attempted to copy them... Some got pretty good at it.

The pattern on this looks pretty good to me (Which really isn't saying much........)

The phrase .....

and like most, a bit out of round.
would concern me....

Were they often out of round??? I don't remember hearing that...

Maybe it's the pictures, but that looks just a little more than "a bit out of round...." to me...

The thing that I notice about it is.... In the 7th & 8th picture, it's kinda got that "Road & Tunnel" thing goin' on....

Would / Could someone explain the "Road & Tunnel" thing again???

As I remember, they were a run of marbles by a guy who had, or made a machine???

The "Road & Tunnel" marbles are not inexpensive on their own..............

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My subtraction skills aren't what they used to be, but if I'm doing it right, it's 1.4 one-hundredths of an inch out of round.

From .696" up to .710"

I don't think I would have called that out of round. I'm not sure I could have detected it with my caliper.

Well, that tiny technicality is all I have to contribute. I'll duck out now.

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They just added those after I saw the auction.

I checked ALL feedback.

I truely just see way too many TORCH made TRAITS.

Looked too MESSY to be Machine-Made....COLORS

don't REALLY look like CACs and the Baseglass...???

PLUS......i've seen better MIMICS.

Am still looking for the Blue Ray pic I have in a FOLDER !

RAR........will easily "EAT CROW" here if I'm wrong !

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Yeah, I didn't see those auctions either... It was late, I can't remember if I looked, or if they weren't there..... But, if we consider "context," it's in pretty nice standing....

OTOH.... I totally see what Rick is saying... My first gut impression wasn't good....

(Again..... For whatever that is worth....)

I'm still curious about the "Road & Tunnel" thing... Could it be one of those??

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Here are a bunch of pictures of a Shamrock marble.

It was made by John Mcormick(sp?)










John etches in a little shamrock about .010" deep and fills it in with gold.

If a person were to buff this out,the marble would be out of round about

.010" to .015". These are just my thoughts on the marble in the auction.

Also,the seller is NOT John. John is very honest and would not try to

deceive anyone.


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I thought the color combo of the auction marble looked familiar so I dug around in the books I have. For those who have the book ,Collecting Antique Marbles, 4th Ed. by Paul Baumann...check out page 130 under subs bottom row second from the right. Colors look awful similar to me...transparent aqua base with opaque baby blue and gold.


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