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Wvmcc 6th Annual Marble Show


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1-4. Pictures of the West Virginia country side. I’m always amazed at how beautiful the country is in West Virginia, it is rivaled only by the hospitality of its people.


5. The Marble Hunter, Roy Kays sign says it all.

6. John Ives, lifetime member and current Vice President of the WVMCC. John had the largest collection of Cairo marbles that I have ever seen. Unfortunately I failed to take a picture of them. *Please see excuse for this at end of article.

7. A couple of marble guys, Gary and Vern. Vern was showing some of his killer collection of which I failed to take a picture. *Please see excuse for this at end of article.

8. Mr. Junior Ice of West Virginia. Junior always has a huge selection of vintage Marble Kings of which I failed to take a picture. *Please see excuse for this at end of article.


9. I caught this motley crew in the lobby of the hotel; actually the two on the right are the motley ones. The fellow on the left is Frank Sellers, grandson of Lawrence E. Alley who’s marbles were the theme of the WVMCC show. The man in the middle is none other than Bruce Burkhart (AKA Triker) and to the right of him is my good buddy Steve Sturtz.

10. Dave McCullough and company.

11. Jim King, I got a couple of nice Jabo oxblood’s from him.

12. At the show, some of the usual suspects; Chuck B. and Griff. I tell ya, that Griff should loosen up a little; he’s such a dour fellow.


13. Chucks better half, Diane along with Bob Neff, John Ives is in the background.

14. Ron Shepard manning the Alley Display. There was a lot more to the Alley display than what you see here but of course I failed to take better pictures. *Please see excuse for this at end of article. This was my first opportunity to meet Ron, he was ever bit as nice as Chuck said he was.

15. The indefatigable Dan Grocki, for a fellow who claims to be retired he sure gets around.

16. Some of Dan’s marbles. (Which I didn’t forget to take a picture of I might add.)


17. Some more of Dan’s marble display.

18. Mike of Marquee Marbles, for some reason I called him Mark every time I seen him, he must have thought I was an idiot. Sorry Mark, er, uh… :)

19. Some of Mike’s marbles, he had a dynamite display of onyx corkscrews.

20. Some more of Mike’s marbles.


21. Two really sweet people, Andy and Trudy. I got some great Champion Furnace Swirls from them.

22. Some of Trudy and Andy’s marbles.

23. Frank Sellers, Jennings Eddy and myself. Mr. Eddy worked for Frank’s grandfather in 1943 at the Saint Mary’s location. He was fifteen years old when he worked for L. E. Alley. We had an interesting conversation of how times have changed, think of a time when a fifteen year old worked in a manufacturing facility where molten glass was part of the mix. Wow!!! The oppurtunity to meet people like this is one of the best reasons to go to marble shows.

24. Kids and marbles, does it get any better than that?


*In case you hadn’t noticed I didn’t have my usual sidekicks with me. My kid’s social agenda didn’t allow them to come with me; they opted to go to “Beach Day” at school instead of accompanying me to the show. Without their assistance I was a little off my square and didn’t do the usual job that I would have with their help. They have been told that they will be joining me on the road to the Columbus show and that they needed to clear their calendar of anything that will interfere with the trip.

Thanks for looking, Joe.

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Dont worry Al,its coming,,,,,I came home saturday night and I'm leaving for Mass, and maine on tues.----------I think Ill do a thread,,,,,Road trip with Griff------Photo's from Cairo/West Virgina show/brimfield antique show/Maine marble show/all in a row.

You know Ill have to slip some fishing photo's in there!!----- :rolleyes:

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Frank's Alley

During the annual May 2008 West Virginia Marble Collectors show I had the

pleasure of discussing marble collecting with Steve Sturtz. We were able to meet

shortly, the prior week at the Cairo West Virginia marble festival. Steve Sturtz

and Mike Johnson are the authors of the recently released Jabo A Classic marble


Steve asked for my opinion of attaching a name to a Jabo classic

marble in someone's honor. I then asked who and why? Steve said it was Frank

Sellers and for what Frank and his family had done for the promotion of marble collecting.

I agreed and we both decided this was the proper time, as the WVMCC show for 2008

was dedicated in remembrance of Frank's grandfather, Lawrence E. Alley and his

glass. Thousands of Alley marbles and other Alley glass items were displayed during

the show, spanning 8 show tables.

Next we had to choose a marble. It was decided that it should be an older

Jabo marble. One from an especially good run or year, and larger than normal size.

It was to be from 2003 and ¾" size. The colors were to be yellow with a red

swirl or striping, similar to colors that Lawrence Alley had used many years earlier

at various locations. Now we needed the marble. Steve didn't have this one

and asked me to search my Jabo collection that night. I found six or seven of the

same run that fit the description. The name of the marble was easy; it would be

"Frank's Alley".

The only remaining item was to get the approval of Dave McCullogh.

We were sure he would be present Saturday at the show. When he arrived

we gave him the details and thought it was proper for him to do the

presentation. Dave took the microphone and got everyone's attention, then called

Frank Sellers forward to his surprise. Dave did the presentation; this 2003 Jabo

marble would be called "Frank's Alley" from now on. The individual

marbles were placed in separate small plastic bags for protection. One was presented

to Frank Sellers, then to Dave McCullogh, Steve Sturtz, myself, Howard Powell (WVMCC

President) and a couple on their way to Ebay for marble collectors. Frank and Dave

were gracious enough to autograph each bag, while the photos were being taken.

Everyone applauded then wanted to look at Frank's Alley.


Ron Shepherd

No pictures to post yet but, one to be listed on ebay soon,and one going to marblealan soon.

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THANKS for the pictures Joe. It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person.

Keep a eye on this man. The marble bug has bit him. He is doing big things for marble collectors and has lots of future plans. He has a great couple helping him along the marble road.

Ron S.

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Thanks for the great pics & reports, guys. Wish I would have gone; can't make them all but I hate to see good friends - and good marbles - carrying on without me, darn it...

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Thanks Steph, wish you could have made it to the show. It was pretty cool, met some real nice marble people, Ron S., Frank Sellers, Bruce B. Al, I really dropped the ball on not getting a bunch of Alley pics. There were tons of nice ones, it looks like Griff has got it covered though. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. Joe.

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