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Calling All Peerless Patch Lovers!!

Speed Racer

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Being a major Pelthead, and believe me I got it real bad, I thought it high time to show some nice Peerless Patches here at Lou's. Please join me with some of your own pix as I pay tribute to some real eye candy. Thanks everyone!! I'll start things off with these four blue/purple/gray examples.


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O.K., O.K..... Here are some with a couple acme realers and a bruiser thrown in for good measure. The black and white in the lower left corner is kinda different... it zig zags all the way around and the tips pass each other on the back side. Now if I can remember how to post a pic.... Bob


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I know someone in the Houston area that lurks. He has great Peltiers. Maybe he will share. Someone else in Phoenix has nice Pelts too, and the best I've ever seen live in the San Diego area. Maybe he will help us and post some. I remember seeing a superman that is huge and one of the red ribbons is in the shape of an "S". It's a marble to die for.

Come on you lurkers, show us your PPP's.

I have some with the comic characters on them. The box is one of those made with the Peltier plates. It looks authentic, but was not done with permission of the company. When the owners found out, the plates had to be returned and the company destroyed them so it couldn't happen again. We had purchased one of the boxes that is clearly marked to show that it is not old. I'll do some pics later tonight. In the meantime, some of you have the real old ones, red or yellow. Show us.

And also no one has posted a Pearlized Peerless Patch. Come on! Edna

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We started buying the comic marbles in the mid nineties. We never thought we could find all of them, but we did. When we only needed 3 more of the marbles we had an opportunity to buy the box. Now we are not wealthy. Both of us were in education and you know what kind of pay that is. You've probably seen the boxes on ebay go for thousands of dollars. This is not the real thing. Some of you know more about this than I do. Somehow, somebody got the plates used to make the comic boxes and had repros made. We got one of the repro boxes to put our marbles in. Shortly after, Peltier came after the people who had the plates. The plates were returned to the company and I understand they were destroyed so it couldl never happen again.

Our box is clearly marked that it is a reproduction.

I'll have wait until later to post the pics. My pic host doesn't seem to be working.

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