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  1. Who did vaseline glass slags?

    I am not sure how many vaseline slags MFC created. I know they melted some uranium glass for sure at least once.
  2. Who did vaseline glass slags?

    Vaseline slag fragments and pieces of scrap glass - found inside the former MFC factory building. Left bottom row even contains some oxblood. Made sometime between Sept 12th, 1915 and December 10th, 1917. Barberton Glass Novelty also made melted pontil "vaseline slags".
  3. Buckeye Show

    Hope everyone had a good time at my shop.
  4. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    Second article is September, 1917.
  5. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    1919 - "gathering small ware" - I think the workers did whatever they had to do to make the most marbles per hour. I know that the punty rods used at MFC were much longer than 2.5 feet. All of this discussion may relate to a link between similarities in certain Akro marbles and CA's.....
  6. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    I agree on the blending of the glass over time with working John. I saw this with my hand gathered slag making experiments. I am not sure what to make of the "gather" vs "dip". It would certainly be quicker to dip and pull than dip twist and pull (this is how I gather) - but you still need to let the tail of the gather run off which is usually achieved by rotating. This may explain the reason why there are Akro examples with a fine hair like thread wrapped around them - sometimes not even completely melted in. On a side note - Arnold Fiedler was the glass chemist /maker at Akro when this article was published. He may be responsible for the dip method mentioned above - the attached article shows that he was responsible for hiring marble makers and it would not be a hard stretch to think that the methods utilized would be ones
  7. Rare Road & Tunnel Slag on Ebay

    Akro Agate: April 1918
  8. Anyone have an email address for Ron?
  9. Museum News

    The Akron Children's Museum initially wanted to partner with the marble museum but then decided against it. All of the Akron marble artifacts that were on display are now in storage. It is hoped that a new physical space will become available in the near future.
  10. This is from 3 September 1927.
  11. Canton acquisition...

    Just measured is - It is larger than I thought - 1.687"
  12. Canton acquisition...

    Found this at the show. Around 1.5"
  13. CANTON SHOW???

    Right now....
  14. Truck load of marbles spill on highway

    These are E-glass marbles for making into fiberglass.