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The Legacy of America's Favorite Sportscar began in 1953, when 319 Hand Assembled White Corvettes launched the first use of a Fiberglass Body in a production car.Which would you prefer the perfect Vintage Model? or todays 2009 corvette off the show room floor.Choose one of the two only,please...Bo

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Awwwww,sorry I didnt respond the way you expected,but on a technicality,I did only choose 1.

Either one.

To give you an answer of my personal taste,I prefer antiques,or vintage when it comes to cars.

Im pretty sure this is leading to something,with a back door feel to it.

Apples and oranges,,,,

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Guest FeelingMarbleous

Hey now were talking, i can talk cars all damn day !

Heres one where working on now, 1957 LINCOLN with the continental package 368 big block this car brought 42'000$ at Barret Jackson last Thursday although it didn't have the Package....

Before i post pics let me just say for the record i would take a 1969 GTO TRI POWER or 1968 Chevelle CONV 396 over any, and 68 and 69 NOVAS are gonna be hot this year ! of course they gotta be matching numbers cars no Resto Mods :P.

We restored a 1969 Chevelle that took First Place at Cavalcade of Customs this year and at Super chevy in it's class, and a 1969 GTO that took first place at Cavalcade in it's class......





DAN KRUSE actually owns the Corvette museum in Auburn Indiana and he is a great guy, we do tons of business at the Kruse auction in IN, we took 18 cars last year and came back with 7 one being a 06 Viper which had a SHIT title so that turned out to be a mess !

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Guest FeelingMarbleous

Heres a buddy of mines Camaro he has for sale, IT'S A BEAUT !

Picture taken at Cavalcade Of Customs it to took 1st place in it's class, this guy is who bought our 69 GTO and our 69 Chevelle



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