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Anyone Else Like This One

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Hi John. You are exactly right. The seller got back to me and confirmed this plus is refunding half the money.


Aren't you glad to have friends like we have on this board?

To help us out? What would you have done if you hadn't posted this marble?

Then showed it to another collector 6 months later?

It's good that the seller was honest & refunded part of your money.

Otherwise there could have been bad feelings?

And it may have lost some of it's luster>

Beautiful marble, I have not seen work like it.

Good luck. And marble on/


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I am indeed glad. I may have to ask for help again sometime soon. I was emailing with an ebay seller that sells antique toys. He says he has a bunch of marbles but doesn't know anything about them. He's supposed to send me some pics of what he has. If he does I'll share the pics for id help for him.


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