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Look! Jabo Foxfire Run Completed

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Just received these AWESOME marbles from Smitty. Dude, Thank you very much. These are FANTASTIC!

The latest. The Jabo FoxFire Run. Completed (May 14th, 2009).

Not sure if my camera does these justice. In hand they are absolutely the BOMB. REALLY. Probably the BEST run, yet. Strike that, the BEST run, YET.

FULL of BRIGHT colors. Some w/ blue, green and gold aventurines. These guys went all out here and it definetly shows. It is going to be very hard to top this.

MADE LOUD to PLAY LOUD! Wild and Crazy Swirls.

Check them out.


These are all 3/4" shooters w/ bright vivid colors.


These too.

They even made some peewees.


I love the little guineas. Probably from the tank wash a day earlier.

Smitty, Thanks again. You and the guys and the Jabo Crew did one hell of a job. :Happy_143:

Kudos to All.


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Love the top pic, top right and top left, also the creamy blue second row down third over in top pic. And! Those peewee's are swa-eet! Nice job guys! Can't wait to get my little paws on this run! :) God Bless!

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