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New Board Rules Effective 10/11/09


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I am going to give it one more shot with this board.

As of today, there are no "set" rules with the exception of keeping your posts civil.

You are responsible for what you write.

No more back stabbing, sly remarks, cursing, attacking on the board, thread hijacking, etc.

As Scott would say I am a dictator. Yes, I'm now a dictator. If your post disappears it's because I didn't like it.

If you find that you cannot stay with this spirit, I suggest you find another board to post.

This board is about MARBLES!!! Most of you are adults, lets act like it.

If you have a problem with this, contact me, I can delete your account.


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First welcome Booie, this is a great board, the very best in my opinion. Most posts are done under the general chat thread, but the marble id thread will help you with finding out exactly what you have, if you need that help. Its also a great place to watch what other people have questions about. Stephs study hall is also a great place to spend some time reading. Again, welcome to the board. Looking forward to your posts. :) God bless

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Hi: My name is Eddie, my friends just call me G. I'm very glad to be accepted into your community and thank you. I've been a collector of marbles for the past 20 years and have usually focused more on the Akro Popeyes, tight corks, some Peltiers, and some Christensens. I look forward to chatting with you all from time to time, and maybe I can learn some new things or help someone else with questions they may have. Thanks again, and I think I will enjoy the experiences very much.

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