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Hey Gang,

Monday will be my last day at work... As of Nov. 30th I will be retired... Thank God I made it this far, I don't know how I did it... Now my time is my time, and I will be catching up on all the things I never had time to do...cool-smileys-262.gif Working for the state was a real blitch... 24/7 call out and plowing snow on I94 was a killer... white-flag-25.gif Now I can watch the snow fall and laugh... No chance of getting a call at 2:00 AM and having to go in and plow snow...cool-smileys-262.gif

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Thank-You all for the kind comments... I still think and feel like a twenty year old, but my body is in disagreement with my mind... white-flag-25.gif You guy's and gal's are the greatest group of people I have ever had the good fortune to call friends... Thank-You once again, and you are all in my heart... "Gene"

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