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My main question is who made it.

I know Pavcraz buys contemps. Question is from where. For example, he's salted his lots with Mark Christensens and implied they were vintage Christensens. It might be educational simply to list who makes somewhat vintage-looking "striped opaques" and "guineas" and such these days. And maybe show examples of their craftsmanship. Could even be fun in its own right if we didn't have to think of Pav&@#! while we were doing it.

While I was thinking of it I googled it and here's a link to some Mark C's:

Mark Christensen Marbles

Mark has a site, but his "Tribute" marbles are out of stock right now.


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In case I was being too subtle, I think this one Pavcraz was selling could very well have been signed, but it could be NM+ from where the tiny signature was buffed off.

The marble is the right size for Mark Christensen's and the seller is known from the past to buy Mark Christensen marbles and present them as antique.

Of course he has also sold Fisher marbles in "vintage" lots so maybe, but this one looks like Mark C's recent offerings to me.

Are Kelly Schmidt marbles still available? Pavcraz does a pretty quick turn around business. Buys dug Akros one week and has them in his forged packaging the next. Not saying he wouldn't use older contemps if he could get his hands on them, but just thinking of availability.

Next question: who makes guineas?


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At the risk of being positive on this board,


OK, I really don't know... When I opened it, I thought it looked kinda good... But, there is a lot of copy work going on and it only gets better, every day...

I know this guy is known for playing games, so let's put that aside and say we only have the marble to work with for info, here....

I'm curious to know what it is about it that makes so many feel it's not CAC...

And, Kokoken... I'm curious to know why you think it's the real deal...

Let's put the seller aside and make it a learning thread....

It might be educational simply to list who makes somewhat vintage-looking "striped opaques" and "guineas" and such these days. And maybe show examples of their craftsmanship.

If I had all the time I needed to do it, I would LOVE to set up a contemporary ID site...

Not geared for the "negative." But, simply a site that shows ALL different artists, their work, their signatures, progression, etc...

From that, all info could be gathered, whether for the benefit of collecting, or the benefit of learning old from new.... Some day......


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It's hard to separate the seller from the marble, knowing what I do about his past sales. However, I think I would suspect that this particular example was a Mark Christensen even if I didn't know the seller was Pavcraz.

Here's my contribution to the discussion. A pic of the marble in question, and one of Mark's for comparison:


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IMHO Mark's marble looks more real than the mib in question! the mib in question, look at the bleeds the red into yellow & yellow into red. real CAC marbles just don't do that, no bleeds the colors stay separate! the cut lines & colors are wrong! thanks Galen, i'd like to see & own a real one too! Andrea i also have had a 23/32" real Guinea & seen a 3/4" real Guinea. i also have CAC swirls & other CAC mibs 7/8" and over! a CAC swirl is not a CAC Striped Opaque, do you understand the difference? Ken, from your view; sweet striped opaque, and a real bargain! now from my view; geeze wish i could teach these people with a lot of money, just what a fake marble is, sorry you bought this fake, & still think it's real Ken! i know that you're a nice guy who ott to know better! when you support these thieves, they just keep shoveling more sh--!!!

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Well, uh yes, I do know the difference between a swirl and a striped opaque! I was commenting on the post above mine where I Love Marbles was saying he'd never seen a 3/4" CAC. He didn't specify striped opaque so I thought he meant that CAC didn't make any 3/4" marbles.

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The German types usually never have looping on the sides Here are some Germans



The one on the right is German in similar colors(straight lines on the sides)


And I have to say that marble screams contemporary to me. Wrong colors bad seams and terrible try at mimicking CAC S looping on the ends(a big problem with most fakes)It just takes a pair of scissors to make those seams.

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Not just guineas. UGLY guineas. There are that many people out there who think this is a Christensen guinea??

Ann, at first, I wanted to TOTALLY agree with that statement!! That thing looks like a WRECK!!!

But then.... Consider that it's back-lit in every picture... The colors are totally screwed up and it's just an incredible mess... But, is there ANY possibility that it could be a victim of terrible photography???

I personally don't like Guineas and don't own one... So, I don't know much about the cut lines and patterns, which would probably make it easy to settle my question, here.

I'm just wonderin' if the backlighting could be deceiving it's real look???

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