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Weigh In On These For Id! West Va Swirls


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I believe those are Jackson.

Don't beleive they are Jacksons ( Ihave a case and they don't match these) , I am waiting on a response from a friend to see what he says but I think Al is on right trail..........Becky doesn't like them :-) . The blues and whites picture did not come out right - the blue is a dark blue. I am going to take pictures of a couple cases I have from known sources of what I think they are this weekend and will post.


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I'll throw this out there and I hope i don't offend anyone, but when it comes to trying to identify types of swirls that look like these I group them by similarity in colors only, (in the same basic way that I'd sort cat eyes by color). Anyone that can narrow down a specific manufacturer would have more experience/knowledge and I respect that. Big groups of similar marbles would help with the ID vs trying to ID each one on their own.

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Hi Don, You should be especially pleased with this purchase. Alltogether too often Ravenswood are misidentified because they do not necessarily match up marble for marble with the ones from the 1987 find as doccumented in Castle & Peterson. I have done the same thing myself! You often go with what you are already familiar with....human nature. Killer score! David

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