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Newbies Beware!!!

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Here is an opportunity for you to own a clay marble with the letters R & E. The marbles is approximately 13/16ths of an inch (20.93mm) and is in excellent condition. Pictures are enlarged greatly to show fine detail.

If you want to add an incredible marble to your collection, then this marble is for you!!!

If this thing sells. I've lost all hope?

But I'm gonna make a mint. All I have to do is

get me some red nail polish & I'm in business>

Heck I would even personalize them.

Ah, what' your initials???

be right with ya>

it just gets better & better!!


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I received a reply back - good thing I emailed her to question her. Any of you going to the show next month will get a chance to see her and it. Here's her reply to me.


Hi Al:

Thank you for the heads up. I didn’t give it a second thought that it was anything but a clay with letters on it. I can take it to the Ohio marble show next month to have it looked at. I will take it off E-Bay as I don’t need my reputation tarnished.

Thanks again.


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I doubt that it was made as a fake. The quality is too poor and "R.E." is not sexy. It makes more sense that some kid initialed their marble. Who knows when or why that happened, but now it is a signed marble, and possibly one of the first signed marbles. No proof though, too bad.

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