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Whatever Happened To Jeff Hale?


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Jeff is doing very well as I visited with him for quite awhile yesterday. I have very high esteem for Jeff as he is one of the most informed when it comes to marble information in my opinion and I have used his knowledge of Marbles many times. A long time ago I was getting beat up pretty badly from a person way out west and Jeff was one of the people that came to my rescue. It all ended fairly well. It had to do with Akro marbles from the digs and my listing of the same on eBay after they were reconditioned. My son (Graphic Designer) had listed the marbles with beautiful pictures and I had posted on Alan B's. board that if they would like to see some Akro marbles from the digs and what they looked like after being reconditioned they could go to the listing. Those marbles were very rare and some of them (styles) had never been merchandised. I believe they were actually experimental runs and than dumped. A person way out west for some reason took offense at that and really came down hard on me. At any rate Jeff is doing very well. ----Leroy----

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My memory could be failing me but I met the Jeff Hale that I alluded to in a previous Post in NH at an antique outdoor show in the 1990s. Serious slag collector. I will admit to memory failings. Keeping everyone straight gets to be tough. Just try responding to someone you don't know who comes up to you at a flea market on a Saturday in the upper mid-West and starts off by saying, "Are you David Chamberlain?" Yikes! You first double-clutch and wonder just who you are before attempting to make a connection with the person coming at you. David

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Hee's pics of a 'Jeff Hale' from 2001 - 2003 time frame. I don't know which Jeff Hale this is but he is a marble collector. Maybe someone can determine which Jeff it is. I rememebr the Jeff Hale from the boards had areal tough time with spelling. I think he said he had learned everything phonetically. I thought he was great and very knowledgable. He is the one that set up the Yahoo Club.




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