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105 Old Marbles? In A Box With Old Marble Bag?


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See what it brings, chances are someone will get burned.

It all depends on what they are looking at.....

If it's the Golden Rebel and Superman, your right...

This kinda looks like one of the cigar boxes Mike Petura used to put together, before he learned that mixing old and new was a "no-no."

Though, those 2 marbles may be too good for Mike's early work.

He made cool marbles, but I don't think.... At the time.... he knew any more about proper "styles" than he knew about the rules of selling them....

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How high will they go? I like the big yellow-red stripe marb other then that nada for me ...I'll just put it out there most of us on the borad can make about 20 plus groups like this <<<just plain sad>>> but ive stopped feeling sorry for them if they get burn't ..Been there done that it sucks but oh well i got taught a lesson.

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I was just looking at that auction earlier tonight and even though I'm still fairly new to this, something didn't feel right about the "Golden Rebel" and the "Superman", especially the latter. They just didn't fit.

What I'm confused about is that the seller apparently specializes in auto parts and they claim these came incidentally in part of a larger, unrelated auction for auto tools. So if they're telling the truth, how do we explain this lot?

Did some guy get burned who bought the lot originally and in his remorse he packed the box away in his auto tools that he sold?

The title is especially curious with two question marks in it: 105 OLD MARBLES? IN A BOX WITH OLD MARBLE BAG?


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I see nothing to point me in the direction,of "intentional deception."

All positive feedbacks,an the description seems"Honest".

Try the "ask seller a question".Thats what its there for.

If someone,gets "burned",I would have a problem,if you blame the seller,as an excuse for the buyers ignorance.

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The thing that made me suspect was that in the multiplicity of photos provided there were not close-ups of the JHM Golden Rebel and the Patrick Superman thus leaving it open to conjecture on those two. And it could just have been a coincidence. You can't help but conclude though that those two marbles are driving the auction. The photo array sort of smacked of deviousness. Of course, one has to be somewhat devious themselves to work out these machinations! David

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I'm a little confused there are some nice marbles in this lot, one large HandMade (can not tell condition) - those Red white and blues, one that looks to be a Carnelian oxblood Akro, and at least one popeye, so how can this guy be that savy to salt two mib's that are "old" - but i'm not bidding, anyone here the high bidder?? wink wink nudge nudge

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I think I gotta write that one down.I got a book for,"good ones"---LOL

Here is mine,

Some guy,goes to a public auction,and happens to make a marble purchase,who take a chance,because he "knows" a little something,from spending time on ebay.

It kind of happened to me,fairly recently,with a killer lot of akro,at a "tool" sale/public auction.

Puts the marbles on ebay,with an"as accurate as possible",with very little marble knowledge,hopeing they found some marble "diamonds".

Seller has all pos.feedbacks

Definitly,not the sellers,normal,product.

Photography is consistant.

Its a small lot of marbles,and they are not centering the attention,on any,one,or two marble.

Made an attempt to address,buyers question,by posting additional photo's.

To look at the group,its seems totaly random.Might have just been someone favorites,who did collect marble,previosly

Would be nice to see the other marble that were picked out,because of damage.

I see a LOT,of goodies,in the box.


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Notice that the flame marbles on the lower row of photos are showing their best faces. That had to be intentional. Yet, inexplicably, the two mint and most vibrant marbles (that also happen to be mimics of very desirable vintage ones) are hiding in the shadows.

If you knew nothing about marbles as this seller is claiming, wouldn't you put that most vibrantly colored one up front if you're already taking the time to carefully turn your flames to the audience?

Whatever is going on here, this is not a true "in the wild" vintage lot as no doubt the high bidders are assuming. That makes the seller's title all the more clever: 105 OLD MARBLES? IN A BOX WITH OLD MARBLE BAG? (That's called covering your behind.)

Then again, maybe I'm just trying to scare away other bidders so I can win the mint GOLDEN REBEL and SUPERMAN with a bunch of beat up vintage mibs to boot! :rolleye-842:

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  • 2 months later...

Am I having deja vu or is this a new lot by the same guy, also found in the used tools auction?

Same M.O. as first auction. Notice that they still have not received any feedback for that auction in February. There are at least two mimics in the new lot, but some of the others could be nice depending on condition. I wouldn't go anywhere close to the $500.00+ that the first buyer paid.

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O.K., I'm retracting my previous retraction and laying odds on when this joker comes up with his third box of marbles. Maybe we can have a raffle on how many marbles will be in it and how many salted JHM & SP round it out for the unsuspecting. I'm going with a number under 100; let's say 87. Anyone else care to pile in on this? Anyone let him know yet that we're on to him or at least some of us are. I just don't understand why when a seller has a sure thing going he right away blows it by thinking in the 21st Century he can get away with it twice. David Chamberlain

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