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I've seen the name used more than once. Maybe for two different styles of marbles though. It's a little fuzzy.

Here's a bag Mark posted where he mentioned them. I was hoping anti-blackies would get more discussion at that time but, well anyway, here might be some.


Mark's thread: Vitro Blackies

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Here are some Marbles from the Blackie Bag Shown Above.

Note the Red replacement of the typical Black Band.

That is where the Anti-Blackie name comes in.

It is interesting most have a Red band completely around the marble.

Some only Half.






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You been hanging out in New Hampshire?---LOL


Don't let that sound like something it's not intended to sound like!!!

We even voted in Gay marriage up here!!!

(Though that may be threatened with a petition being voted on today!!! :rolleyes::deadhorse: )

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I just noticed something. I was thinking of the red as being there because maybe Vitro had run out of black that day and were making a substitution. A literal replacement band.

But on some of them at least it appears that the red was in the middle on purpose. Thinking specially of the ones with the black (brown) on the ends and the red in the middle.

That one with the half black band and the black ends suddenly becomes more intriguing. Okay, I'm easily intrigued (lol), but still, that's weird.


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Okay, that does it!

I followed the advice of many to not get that book, because the editor made the pix too small and it was a big disappointment.

But several people have cited things in the book which I'd really like to see! So that does it. Gonna have to get it now.


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Ebay has them anywhere from $8-$12 if I remember correctly. For the price it's a pretty good book. It has a fairly large section on Jabo which helped me with some unknown (to me) shoebox marbles.

I think you will enjoy it Steph.

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