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Show Us Your First Glass Marbles Mass-Produced!


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Before this board started and before B. Alan's board ended, was my all time favorite marble board thread! Think it was titled; "Show us your marbles formerly known as Leightons!" The thread ended up being six or more pages, with more than a hundred replies and great pics! Will start the new one on this board, don't mean to take your thunder Jim, a lot more to these than just egg yolk & oxblood, though those are my favs too!

With the exception of the Egyptian's, Italian's and maybe a few others these were the first glass marbles made. Doubt if any will argue that these German marbles were indeed the first glass marbles mass-produced! That means there is no transition from handmade to machine-made. These marbles pre-date cane cut glass marbles None of these marbles were made by James Leighton, though the ones he made are not transitional either! These marbles pre-date Leighton's by 50 to 60 years. These marbles are single gathers, (made one at a time) with a single ground pontil. Most have a nine pattern opposite the ground pontil. Have personally not seen any smaller than 17/32" nor bigger than 1 3/4" with most in the 5/8" to 7/8" sizes. Simplicity of design, a crude innocent antique look, along with thick colors that pop, make these marbles my favorite! Sue like to see bigger pictures of that egg yolk oxblood! Please show us all you have of these mibs, no matter the condition, they are 150 to 170 years old! Please make the pics big enough for me to see, not huge, but not so small that can't see the bubbles! Also please add any info you may have on these exquisite marbles!

This one is very odd, never seen the likes of this! Mellon ball green with a white spiral! This one has a reverse six or nine on the ground pontil side (2nd pic) & a six or nine (1st pic) on the opposite side! Need to add these single ground pontil, single gather marbles, were all handmade in Germany! Oh this is a big one, just won it from B. Alan! The link;






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Holy SNAKESH__ ORBBOY!!!! That egg yolk ox is INCREDIBLING AWESOME! Come on Andrea let's see bigger pics of the egg yolk ox & blue! Sue put bigger pics of those two too & any others you got! Bill T. & the other Bill T. let's see em!!! Each of you own one of the best examples of these seen, oh that's two!!!! Dale (marblehaven) you own or did own the big one with the most twist, let's see it!!!! Come on all, let's see em!!!!!!!

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I found some other pics of various transitional types. The first one is probably a "Barberton", if I remember the name correctly.

I think this lavender one has a pontil; I haven't looked at it recently.

Here's the small and large (beat-up) "Leighton" types that are really German.

Another view of the smaller one. I got this indirectly from Hansel DeSousa. I think it's one of the most colorful.

Finally, this is an oddball black/white opaque type that seems quite rare. Dan S. has one just like it, if memory serves. It's about an inch in size.






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Quote I'llhavethat1 "I wasn't kidding about beat to shit, but some of these have pontils and most probably aren't German - here ya go."

Sweet group no matter! Please post seperate pics of top row left marble and 4th row 2nd marble, and any others with a faceted or ground pontil Thanks!

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Quote moremarbles4me "I had just taken pictures of this marble a couple of days ago. Is this the same type that you guys are talking about? The base is semi translucent and it measures over 1"."

Yup NICE ONE Charles!!! Looking again; if it does indeed have 2 pontils, (you have it in hand so only you know for sure) then think it's one of these banded translucents, they are 2 pontil marbles unless first off cane, very rare marbles!!!!!



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So I've been called out.:-) My pics of my "Greiners" are on the other computer and I can't get it to stay connected to the wifi. I'll see if I can get some more pics. The biggest I have is 1-5/8 and I do have a peewee it is white swirls in clear so not very spectacular. As a group it is hard to believe the range of colors they used in those early mibs. Bill

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Thanx, sorry for the lousy pics. The green with yellow spots came from the same source as several of my other exotic ones. It has a single facetted pontil and has a spiral of white(?)emmenating from the pontil much like a single pontil slag. I haven't seen another like it but it was one of those marbles you just know you want it when you see it and just hope it won't hurt to much. If I get time I'll try to get some better pics to post. BTW liked the ones you have posted especially the blue base and the opaque one. Bill

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