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Coin Sulphide, Old Or New?


Coin sulphide  

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  1. 1. Vintage or modern?

    • Definitely vintage
    • Likely vintage
    • Likely modern
    • Definitely modern
    • No idea

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Discussion of coin sulphides made me hunt this one up. This sold on ebay. I don't know who won it. The feedback I've received makes me lean toward it being old, but not positive.

Actually rereading some old comments on it is making me lean even more toward old. So I probably don't need to post this now. But since I already have it typed, I will go ahead with it! LOL. It's a different looking mib, huh?

Here was the seller's description:

Original 1858 dated Liberty Seated quarter sulfide marble. This is quite a rare subject for a sulfide marble. The marble is made with clear glass. Our photos were taken on a black background thusly making the glass look very dark. There are some tiny insignificant moons & a few insignificant scratches on the surface. There are no chips. The diameter is 1 1/2". The bottom edge shows an area where the pontil was smoothed down in the making.

The center has a fairly accurate white sulfide rendition of an 1858 United States quarter. The "quarter" in the marble is larger than an actual quarter of this period. The "quarter" in the marble has a diameter of 1 5/16". The 1858 date clearly shows on the side with the figure of Liberty Seated. There is a bubble in the glass which is over about 1/2 of Liberty. So, you must hold the marble at an angle to see the details of this part of Liberty under the bubble. The reverse with the eagle can be viewed completely looking straight on.


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Interesting votes so far.

6 for definitely modern. 1 for likely modern. 2 for likely vintage. One for no idea. (One of the likely vintage votes is mine.)

What is it which says "definitely modern" to so many?

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Based solely on the photos - I would presume it to be of modern creation. The glass and the figure look "all wrong". I prefer to not offer specific diagnostics to avoid helping an artist clean up their game.

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I wouldn't even venture to guess based on the pictures... I agree that the glass looks very clear. But, that could be for real or it could be the pics...

Without MUCH better pictures of the surface of the glass & pontil, there's no way to be sure.

I know there is a known vintage coin figure... Is that the coin?? That's not how I remember it... 'Sure looks similar to the eagle Benningtons doesn't it?

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Not exactly a quarter pressed into clay.

I was confused by the negative relief, but if it was pressed in, the image would come out backwards. right?

I had misread something Alan said earlier. I thought he would be on the side of vintage. Now I'm down to one person I know saying likely vintage in private, and one anonymous vintage voter here.

This one surprised me! Glad I posted!

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