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Some From Canton

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Here are the some marbles I got from Canton, Some traded/bought/begged/and cried over. Finally found a blue ray on top and a four color flame, the other electric orange I found has a lavender base. Just back lit it, Who knew? Couple of handgathered CAC's as well. Thanks to everyone for all the great information learned. It is much better in hand and directly from people who collect only certain makers etc. They can explain certain subtleties and nuances that normally you wouldnt notice. The people I buy from are always the best, thanks again for patience with me. Go to the shows!





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middle one 1st pic,, i picked one of these up about 2 months ago in a jar, sadly it was the only good one in the bunch, back a few years ago they called them blue laces, but that name got hammered by the upper managment collectors of ca's, lololol,, bj

btw- sweet bunch you have there

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