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Your Best Transitionals - Or Best Drizzles!


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Drizzles? I always thought that these were transitional gone awry. I stand corrected. (I feel like that's been happening a lot since I've gotten here). I can't actually change the topic title, but yes, let's change it to "best drizzles."

Yeah, that green-and-white one is certainly different. I like the "umbilical cord" analogy. I believe it was dug somewhere (as evidenced by the dirt), though I couldn't give you specifics.

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I take a certain amount of pride in my collection, but pictures of the collections from those on this board are always a good reality check of exactly where I belong. :P Some of these seem too good to be real!

Here's one that I left out from my first post. Dunno where the other angle is, but you're not missing much on the other side.


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