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Early Akro Agate 250 Box


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This is a recent box I came across. Has some really neat marbles. Notice the blue eggyolks have orange instead of yellow? And what seem to be tightline popeyes. Cool box.





Enjoy! Craig

Hi nice are the other marbles on the left ringers? , It almost looks like they could be a blue ringer with an extra color being orange?? the green and yellow ,a green ringer with the extra color of yellow?? what ever there nice , seams a lot of the red boxes had great marbles when found and left alone .

That would be a good start for Bid Bay again. Mike

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Thanks everyone. These early red cover 250 boxes always seem to have really unusual marbles in them. The ones on the left sure seem to be ringers, and to me all the ones on the right seem to be a variation or in the same family. Same type of construction, base glass, white, etc. Not for sale right now.


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