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Ca, Ca? And Ca??

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Got a small lot off the bay with bad pics. Scored a nice blue/yellow CA with a sweet turkey head, I think a harder to find CA that is yellow and Gray (translucently awesome) and some other green/yellow/red marble that I swear is new but, it came with the others which I know means nothing but..........what is it?!?

Thanks Peeps,




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If I had them in hand, I would try to get a grip (lol) on the structure of the swirl.

In the 2nd pic, the 1st marble looks like it might be showing a vacor-like cutline. Maybe I'm imagining it, or maybe CAC's could have that kind of cut too. But those are the features I'd be focusing on for now.


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I collect neither Christensen Agates nor Vacors, so have no financial or emotional interest in these two families of marbles. But -- for the sake of discussion -- can I make these observations? And then, ask questions?

• Whatever factory made these marbles - they look similar enough to

spark the exchange in this thread and others.

• The furnaces and machines that produced them were similar in

design. Simple “tweaks” of the roller position, similar glass blends and

artifacts of mass production result in marbles that require experience

to distinguish one marble from another. Without a doubt, even

“experts” have made misidentifications.

• Very similar palate colors indicate that glass color formulae have

crossed borders (one way or another.)

• Remember - machines, not people spat out these colorful marbles by

the ton!

Some questions ---

--- Why do collectors place such high monetary value on marbles made

in Ohio and compare similar ones made in Mexico to oily fecal


--- Are machine made marbles prized for:

- Artistic creativity? - Serendipity? -- Pieces of American history?

No braid

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I am thinking they all may br Vacor. Those earkier ones can be very similar to CACs. In hand would be a must. And I have seen some blue based Vacors that were nearly identical to CAC.

And being a collector of vintage items The vacors hold no more value to me than the modern chinese stuff. Vacor produces in one day nearly what CAC produced in its whole term of existence. Yes a slight exaggeration but not by much. I collect old stuff and mostly American. Hope this answers a bit of your wondering Braid. And This is not meant to be a put down in any way to those many folks that do collect Vacors.

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I collect Christensen because i am from ohio and i like looking for them. The rarity is what does it for me as well as the unparalleled color pallet. Obviously these are probably vacor and the two i thought were cac are actually not in all likelyhood. They are pretty, but not rare, asthetically nice, but not my cup of tea

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I see 3 Vacor from here as well. Check the sellers other and finished auctions too see how many Vacors were spread into other lots they offered. If they offered any in the last little while then it will help narrow down a bit what you might have.

Some scammer sellers will position them in ways that make them look like something else due to colour. Then claim ignorance to it all. Funny how they can list lots of marbles week after week and never learn a single thing about them? There should be a public list of scam sellers like this.

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