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The Silver Surfer Has Landed


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Dani, fantastic silver surfer so it is and those babies are really tough ones to find, seen very few. I would deffinitly add another one to its brother here, great post!! Clyde and i talked some the other day and discussed this specific marble and IF it were on a clear transparent base with a touch of white it probably could be a transparent zebra, however the silver surfer is on a pelt transparent greenish base which is deffinitly different. We discussed another one similiar to the silver surfer but it has an additional blue adventurine along with the black av on it on a transparent clear base and also may have brown av in it to. I have kinda named them the black universe however names may stir up quite a rukus on the boards. I have not ever heard anyone have a name for the later. Clyde and i discussed trying to have a common name for pelts the same from the west coast to the east coast, kinda like the blue phantom, wanna keep the same name everywhere, lot less confusing. What does the board members think???? Chuck G

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Clyde is right and when you get to my age its pretty tough to remember hundreds of names of the silly liitle round things. YES i WILL start writing theses names down and descriptions of them so i can keep them straight so eveyone benefits from these threads. Clyde did post a few quality photos of the BLUE PANTHER earlier in one of the threads. There are just so many varieties of pelts its tough to keep the names in line.

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